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Terms & Conditions

Updated 09 April 2018

Sharp Home Appliances (who is called "Sharp" in this warranty) warrants that, for the warranty period set out in point 2 below, the ‘Product ‘ or any part thereof that is proven to be defective for reason of mechanical or electrical failure, material or workmanship, we will at our sole discretion, either repair or replace any defective Product or part free of any charge covering labour, materials or carriage subject to the following terms and conditions:


On Major Appliances (excluding MWO / SDA) our agents work Monday to Friday 9.0am to 17.00 hours. Appointments outside these hours maybe possible at the sole discretion of the agent but cannot be guaranteed. We will not be liable for delays or if the agent cannot make the appointment due to conditions outside their control.

It is your responsibility to provide evidence to the engineer (if requested to do so) that the product is covered by the guarantee with a proof of purchase. The Manufacturer reserves the right to charge for reasonable costs for any service call if:

You cannot provide proof of warranty
There is no fault with the appliance
Missed appointment
Unit has not been installed in accordance with fitting instructions
Defect caused by something other than faulty material or component.

Payment of these costs will be due immediately upon the invoice being raised by the approved agent of the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer reserves the right to terminate the guarantee if you fail to pay all the costs for the service call in a timely manner.

Terms and Conditiions

This limited warranty extends only to you, the customer, as the end-user of the Product. You may have additional rights under applicable law. This limited warranty does not affect such rights.

2. The warranty period is 24 (twenty-four) months for MDA / SDA appliances and 12 (twelve) months for all domestic microwave products from the date at which you purchased the Product. You must notify your retailer, Sharp (or its authorised service company, details of which are available from the help-line number set out in section 12 (i) below) of any defects as soon as possible after you have become aware of them. Please be aware that claims made 24 or 12 months after the purchase date will not be valid depending on the particular product group.

3. This limited warranty is valid and enforceable in the countries of the European Union.

4. Proof of purchase is available on request

5. No consequential losses are covered

6. This limited warranty does not cover general cleaning and maintenance or the replacement of consumables, nor does it cover the performance or costs of any modification or adjustments which may be necessary to adapt the Product to meet any local technical or safety standards which are applicable in the country in which the Product is intended to be operated.

7. This limited warranty shall not apply in respect of the following:

  • i) ny deterioration due to normal wear and tear including all plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to normal customer use.
  • ii) defects caused by the Product being subjected to any of the following: use in contradiction with the user guide, inadequate cleaning, rough handling, exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal or environmental conditions or rapid changes in such conditions, corrosion, oxidation, unauthorised modifications or connections, unauthorised opening or repair, use of unauthorised spare parts, misuse, improper installation, accident due to forces of nature, spillage of food or liquid, influence from chemical products or other acts beyond Sharp’s reasonable control unless the defect was caused directly by defects in materials or workmanship.
  • iii) product in respect of which the product serial number (or equivalent) has been removed, erased, defaced, altered or made illegible.
  • iv) defect caused by employing the Product to other than its intended use.
  • v) defects caused by a non-Sharp product being connected or used in conjunction with the Product.
  • vi) products rented on a periodical basis.
  • vii) internal furniture such as drawers, shelving and trays including any accessories sold with SDA products.
  • viii) Any cost if no fault is found with your equipment.
  • ix) Use of the product in any commercial environment.
  • x) Any special conditions applied by the selling retailer.

8. All defective parts or Products, which have been replaced by Sharp during the warranty period, shall become the property of Sharp.

9. We reserve the right to charge for the expense of a service call if no fault has been found with the product after we have inspected it.

10. A repaired or replaced Products will be warranted for the balance of the original warranty period or for ninety days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is the longer.

11. You are requested to keep your original proof of purchase, such as the receipt. You will need it to prove the date of purchase in respect of any warranty claims.

12. To make a claim pursuant to this limited warranty, please:

  • i) contact the retailer from whom you purchased the Product; or, call Sharp Home Appliances: Customer Service on the following number: 03300240590 or e-mail us at; or write to; Sharp Home Appliances Customer Services, P O Box 286 Pocklington York YO42 9AW; and
  • ii) follow the instructions given to you in respect of the Product, which may include the method of returning the Product to your retailer or to Sharp (or its authorised representative) for repair or replacement; and
  • iii) if requested, send to Sharp, or present to the retailer or dealer from whom you purchased the Product, either a legible and non-modified original warranty card / or purchase receipt which clearly indicates the name and address of the retailer or dealer from whom you purchased the Product, the date and place of purchase, the product type and the serial number (or equivalent) or a legible and non-modified original purchase receipt containing the same information.

13. You may be required to pay the cost of returning any defective Product to SHARP, or the retailer from whom you purchased the Product. However, Sharp will pay the cost of delivering any repaired or replaced Product back to you.

This guarantee is limited to the cost of repairing the product, to the extent permitted by law. Sharp Home Appliance does not accept and will not be held liable for any financial loss incurred about the failure of any product to operate in accordance with expected standards. Such financial loss include, but are not limited to:

Time taken off work
Damaged food, clothing or other items
Meals taken at restaurants or from takeaways
General compensation for inconvenience.

This limited warranty is granted to you by Sharp Home Appliances, 1 Waterside Drive, Langley, Berkshire SL3 6EZ.